AI your AP by integrating Glean AI & Oracle NetSuite

Glean AI turns your company’s invoice data into smart insights, so you can manage your business spend intelligently. We make it a breeze to streamline your payables process so you can pay your vendors the right amount at the right time. Quickly integrate with Netsuite empowering your Finance team to spend more time on higher value work.

Payments for NetSuite users made simple

Glean AI makes it a breeze to streamline your payables process so you can pay your vendors the right amount at the right time. Make no changes to your existing process with a quick integration with NetSuite.

✅ Approvals and Payments are a breeze

Approvers can ensure that the right amounts are paid at the right times to all of your vendors.

✅ Payment method based on your choice

ACH, Checks, International wire payments? No problem. 

✅ Eliminate data entry

There’s no need to enter transactions manually. Glean AI feeds right into your NetSuite account to save you time on reconciliation.

✅ Spend no time on entering invoices

Forward vendor invoices by email. That’s it. Glean AI takes care of extracting the information from your invoices and entering it.

Get the full picture of your payments

Glean AI talks directly to NetSuite, so changes - like a new invoice for approval or a sent payment - are automatically updated.

• Confident that your vendors are getting paid the right amounts at the right time

• Ready to tackle any audit for any payment

Glean AI sends over the following information automatically to Netsuite:

• Accounts
• Vendors
• Bills
• Bill Payments

Say hello to intelligent, simple, and secure bill payments

Let Glean AI bring the power of artificial intelligence to your Oracle NetSuite billing and invoicing. Request a live demo now.

Finance teams love Glean AI

Elisa Rodriguez

Sr. Manager of FP&A at Orum

We estimate saving 50% an FTE in monthly time savings and have caught several billing issues that would not have been uncovered but for Glean AI.

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Rebecca Vanek

Senior Accounting Associate at Alloy

I can look for invoice increases, I can see notices for upcoming renewals, I can even see if an expected invoice is late, and if we need to accrue for that vendor’s monthly expense.

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Jeff Wong

VP Finance at Thimble

Glean AI has greatly simplified our vendor budgeting and bill pay processes. The spend visibility is great and is enabling us to save lots of money.

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Use powerful insights to drive intelligent spending

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