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Beyond Transaction Management: How Findigs Transformed its Spend Culture with & Ramp

Discover how Findigs transformed its financial management by integrating with Ramp, enhancing visibility, shifting spend culture, and automating finance operations. Sebastian Hart, Head of Finance, shares his insights into how their decision to integrate with their existing Ramp card program improved his team’s visibility and fostered a culture of spend accountability at Findigs.

Why Top Finance Teams Are Reconsidering

As finance teams look to the future, they’re seeking ways to achieve not just operational efficiencies, but also faster, more accurate, and more strategic insights that can drive better decision making. Rather than relying on traditional automation solutions, they’re building dynamic tech stacks that increase functionality while increasing visibility and providing additional analytical features that add strategic value.

How Lendflow Used Glean AI to Streamline Their AP Workflow

Like many startups, Lendflow’s original accounting team consisted of a CFO and an accountant. There are now four full-time members and one part-time member, including Controller Shane Gaylor, whose role so far has centered around creating better processes that increase the team’s efficiency. His goal is to reduce the amount of manual work and also ensure that the team is not siloed. He wants to see seamless workflows across Lendflow’s multiple locations.

With Glean AI, Alloy Reaps the Benefits of Increased Collaboration

Alloy is a New York-based fintech company start-up that helps banks and fintech companies pull in customer information, traditional credit bureau data, and other alternative data through a single point of integration, providing a more complete picture of their customer. Becca Vanek is a Senior Accounting Associate who manages Alloy's day-to-day accounting operations and is responsible for accurately reporting on both the expense and revenue sides of the business.

Business lender, IOU Financial, is filled with love for Glean AI

IOU Financial fuels the growth of small businesses by providing working capital financing for business owners. By offering an alternative to traditional banking systems, IOU is able to offer fast, flexible solutions for business owners looking for growth capital.

Sturdy Exchange picks Glean AI to boost efficiency

Liam Clements, CFO of NFT platform Sturdy Exchange, wants to focus on strategy and growth, so decided on Glean AI to increase his value-add. As a first-time CFO, Liam was looking for an AP tool he could trust that would make his life easier. After a short search and evaluation of a few AP tools, he knew Glean AI was the right fit.

With Glean AI, Laika's Finance Team is Ready for Growth

Laika, a fast-growing compliance startup, has a lean finance and accounting team of one. Glean AI provides the automation and visibility their finance manager needs to scale successfully without the need to hire any additional dedicated AP personnel.

Glean AI streamlines Insurance provider Thimble's AP workflow

Fast-growing insurance provider, Thimble, automates their AP process and gains huge efficiencies.

Fast-growing Orum has no time to waste

Founded in 2019, Orum is moving fast, building out its money movement platform and significantly growing its headcount. With such accelerated growth, Elisa knew that an AP solution was needed that could unlock greater operational efficiency and provide her team with more robust, actionable data.

Marble takes control with Glean AI

Marble CEO, Stuart Winchester, was on the lookout for an AP automation software solution. When he was introduced to Glean AI's intelligent AP solution, he knew he struck gold.


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