Fast-growing Orum has no time to waste

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Orum is moving fast, building out its money movement platform and significantly growing its headcount.

With such accelerated growth, Elisa knew that an AP solution was needed that could unlock greater operational efficiency and provide her team with more robust, actionable data.

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How would you describe Glean AI to a friend?:
Glean AI gives very clear details about spend by vendors and helps to catalog invoices in a way that is very usable/digestible and saves time.
What are the best features of Glean AI?:
Payment features, Invoice catalog, Approval hierarchy, New vendor process.
ROI of using Glean AI:
Orum saves approximately 50% of an FTEs time by using Glean AI. We are now approaching our second operating year, we will continue to find quantifiable value to the outputs provided by Glean AI as we renegotiate annual contracts and also review our annual spending to create and manage our 2022 budget.
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As a fast-growing financial infrastructure start-up that closed a $56 million Series B funding round in June ’21, Orum has no time to waste. But when it came to accounts payable, Elisa Rodriguez, Orum’s Sr. Manager of FP&A, knew she was spending too much time manually consolidating data, chasing approvers, and trying to identify relevant spend trends and insights using the limited data she had.

Looking to Maximize Efficiency

Elisa was looking to maximize efficiency on the process of consolidating vendor spend from various spending tools used throughout the company. Every week, this required several hours of maintaining and compiling data.

What’s more, once the data was consolidated, Elisa still didn’t have easy access to the kinds of information she needed to derive meaningful insights on spend trends and patterns. Just figuring out which GL accounts/categories expenses should be mapped to was a time consuming exercise. And determining whether certain costs were prepays for future services or costs for services already provided often required spending time digging into individual invoices.

More strategically, Elisa also wanted to see spend patterns over the past months and know if Orum’s pricing with vendors was competitive. Her existing tools and processes did not readily provide this data.

Glean AI Shows the Way

“I was told that Glean aggregates spending data, initiates payments, and provides key insights regarding vendors and spend, so I immediately booked a free trial. Once I started using the system, I knew it was exactly what we needed at Orum.” says Elisa.

Implementation was quick and easy; Elisa set up a forwarding rule for invoices and immediately, information began flowing to Glean AI’s intelligent AP platform. The results were almost instantaneous. What previously took several hours now took just minutes.

"Gleans are bits of information that the system automatically provides, telling me, for example, when a vendor is charging more than expected or that a new or unexpected line item has been introduced to an invoice. This feature is an added bonus that separates Glean AI from every other AP solution on the market."

- Elisa Rodriguez, Sr. Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

Hours Saved, Insights Gained

“Not only does Glean AI save us several hours a week, but we now have access and more granular visibility into our vendor spend, giving us the ability to drill down into any bill to understand what drove variances. This helps us immediately determine what to do next. This would’ve previously taken hours or even days, and its now done in minutes with Glean AI.”

Excellent Product, Excellent Division

Elisa is very pleased with her decision to elevate Orum’s financial management using Glean AI’s intelligent AP solution. “The Glean AI interface is user-friendly and intuitive, the software does so much, including automatically generating reporting and accounting entries at the line-item level, providing visibility into our vendor spend, organizing vendor information, and saving vast amounts of time on our payment approval and initiation process.”

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