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Saving Time & Money with an Intelligent AP solution

Businesses are overspending by 10%-15% on vendors. Money is silently walking out of the door due to heavy reliance on manual processing within AP systems and lack of spend analytics.

Join Cassie Crail, Glean AI's Customer Success Specialist to learn how Glean AI users eliminate manual AP tasks and get visibility into hard-to-detect trends to uncover areas of overspending with vendors.

May 03, 2022


Supercharging Vendor Decision Making

In this episode of Wharton Fintech podcast, Gabriela Ariana Campoverde sits down with Howard Katzenberg, CEO and Founder of Glean.


Glean supercharges vendor decision making. This platform automatically detects duplicate invoices and overcharges; receives alerts on billing errors, anomalous spend activity, and available vendor savings; and leverages vendor benchmarking to see what other companies are paying.

Mar 30, 2022


How to make Accounting more Strategic

There are lots of stereotypes around Accounting teams, and one of them is that they are controlling and "no" people. Their stereotypical reputation arises from the fact that they live and die by routine, spreadsheets, and statements. 

In this episode of The Role Forward, host Joe Michalowski and Howard Katzenberg discuss the typical stereotypes around accounting, and the best ways to make accounting more strategic.

Feb 16, 2022


Future of digital finance: Modern tools for Finance Leaders

Finance Leaders are entering a period of significant transformation with new readily available technologies to help drive efficiencies and insights into business performance. They are facing increasing pressure to accelerate the digitization of the Finance function.

Feb 08, 2022


CFO to Founder

Joe Garafalo from Mosaic.tech joins our CEO Howard Katzenberg to discuss the decision making process of taking the leap from being a CFO to a Founder.

Dec 08, 2021