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March 11, 2022

Bridging the Spend Management Visibility/Data Gap

It's hard for businesses to hold teams accountable for their spend if they don't have the data. Without knowing the numbers, they can't ask the right questions to ensure that the teams are driving return on investment


March 09, 2022

Glean AI, led by CFO, announces $10.8 seed raise

Glean AI, a startup launched by’s ex-CFO Howard Katzenberg that provides artificial intelligence-based accounts payable software, announced raising a $10.8 seed round, according to a press release shared with FinLedger.


March 08, 2022 CFO raises $10.8M to build Glean AI, or 'accounts payable with a brain'

Having held the positions of CFO at digital lenders OnDeck and, Howard Katzenberg experienced firsthand just what a lack of visibility into company spend could cost an organization.


March 08, 2022

See the 15-slide pitch deck Glean, a startup using machine learning to find savings in vendor invoices, used to raise $10.8 million in seed funding

Expense cutting as a way to boost growth typically isn't part of the conversation early on, and finance teams are viewed as cost centers relative to sales teams.

March 08, 2022

Glean AI Closes $7.8M for its Automated Accounts Payable Platform that Drives Intelligent Savings

It's estimated that startups and small businesses waste in excess of $130B each year as a result of poor visibility into vendor spending.