Protect your vendor spend data delivers enterprise-grade tools that deliver top-notch cloud security and full compliance - all built into a single Spend Management Platform.

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Customer’s data is paramount is a security-first, machine learning platform. Everything from the system design and engineering decisions, to how we operate our cloud infrastructure was designed with confidentiality, integrity, and availability in mind.


We take privacy and security seriously is SOC 2 Type I compliant meaning your data is safe in the cloud. Our platform offers enterprise grade protection, service and resiliency you can trust.

User Management

Only authorized individuals have access to data is a tool dedicated to help keep your documents and files safe. The best part? It's designed specifically for businesses, giving you the features needed to keep track of your internal collaboration.

Manage what your business users can and cannot see by department, by vendor or even by individual invoice. Keep your colleagues focused on spending that needs their attention, while restricting access to information they don't need.

Use powerful insights to drive intelligent spending

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