ROI on Glean AI - Savings Calculator

Glean AI provides you with:

1. Real-time spend analytics - Find out why bills changed and if the spend was over budget the day they arrive

2. Seamless vendor management – get upcoming renewal/opt-out alerts, set vendor budgets, and centrally store all contracts and relevant vendor documents

3. Savings recommendations – leverage Glean's proprietary pricing data to see if you have a good deal and get alerts on overage charges, late fees, and duplicate bills

4. Deep team collaboration – empower unlimited teammates to discuss and approve bills, evaluate new vendor relationships, and align on future spend decisions

The ROI on AP automation:

According to one study from APP2P Network, the average monthly cost to process 5,000 invoices manually is $64,500. Deploying AP automation tools to process that same number of invoices would cost about $8,850: an 85% savings.

How is Glean AI different from other AP Automation or Spend Management solutions?

Simply put, Glean AI is smarter than traditional spend and AP solutions. We provide details and context around the drivers of your spend, not just the amounts owed.  Think of Glean AI as not just a tactical tool for reviewing, approving, and paying bills, but also a strategic tool to help you and your teams make more informed decisions.

Glean AI understands the importance of collaboration across teams on important spend decisions, that's why we offer UNLIMITED USERS across all plans. Pay based on volume, not per user.

The Glean Platform
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