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Work Smarter, Faster With Glean AI

Cassie Crail
December 21, 2021

It is no coincidence that the Glean onboarding process is so quick and easy - it was designed that way.

As a busy CFO or finance leader, have you found yourself thinking, “We need this, but I just don't have time to implement it”? Or maybe, “Let’s push this to a different quarter because I just don’t have the time for it.”?

Because Glean was founded by long-time CFO, Howard Katzenberg, we already know the answer is yes. Howard knew that your approval of the budget for Glean would rest on its ability to be easily and painlessly implemented, so a painless switch was always a top priority.

How easy is easy?

Using Glean is easy because our UX is clean and simple, which means almost no time to get users up and running on the platform. Onboarding is also easy, typically taking less than a few hours.

In fact, the entire process can be summarized in the four steps:

  1. Add a Glean email to your existing AP/invoices@ email group (3 mins)
  2. Connect your General Ledger and Bank (3 mins)
  3. Create your departments and add users (5 mins)
  4. Confirm your vendors-to-accounts GL mapping. Glean provides a Google sheet with pre-populated values you can confirm (Under 1 hour, depending on number of vendors)

You are now ready to start Gleaning!

But, why now?

There are a number of very good reasons to not delay your implementation of Glean.

First, the earlier the better in empowering your team and giving them responsibility to drive ROI. By creating a culture of spend accountability, you are able to elevate and enrich the roles in your finance department, which has been shown to increase efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

Next, there is a dramatic increase in expenses being paid via automatic billing onto company credit cards. These types of payments demand much greater scrutiny as they are subject to errors and abuse and need a second set of eyes. A spend intelligence platform like Glean analyzes this spend and ensures errors or anomalies are not missed.

Finally, to put it simply, your competitors are not waiting. Technology has made spend control possible, so choosing to not implement these controls and not having real-time visibility is no longer an option.  The last thing you want is your competitors out-innovating you, which can happen if their spend intelligence tools are enabling them to make smarter investments.

Contact Glean today

Once you make the decision to implement Glean, we can have you up and running within a day. It really is that easy. Contact us at so we can talk through next steps.

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