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July Product Update

Rob Call
July 17, 2023

Our latest product enhancements are here to elevate your experience. Now, effortlessly view your GL supplier information within Glean, and enjoy improved approval emails featuring additional spend history. Easily filter vendors with missing payment details and seamlessly import payment information from invoices. Moreover, our prepaid amortization report has been enhanced, presenting outstanding balances for smoother account reconciliation. Should you have any queries or feedback, we're always here to help! Read on to learn more about these exciting updates from the team!

See your GL supplier information in Glean

Once you match a vendor in to an existing GL supplier, we’ll automatically import and display all settings stored for that supplier, as read-only. Any changes you make to the supplier in your GL will continue to be reflected in in real time.

Improved approval emails

We’ve improved approval emails to give users additional context: a new section listing the required approvers, a section showing the monthly spend history with the vendor, and a section highlighting gleans extracted on the invoice.

Filter vendors by missing payment details

We’ve made it easier to find vendors that don’t have payment details stored in On the Vendors tab, you’ll see a new filter named “Missing Payment Details”. This filter shows all vendors that don’t have payment details stored for at least one payment method (ACH, Check, or International wire).

Glean AI - Sync After All Approvals

Import vendor payment details from invoices

For new vendors, or existing vendors without payment details, will suggest payment details by pulling them from the invoice.

Here’s a brief example of the experience. A new vendor named “Nikon” just sent an invoice to the inbox.

Glean AI - Add Vendor Document from the Inbox detected that the invoice contains payment details, and suggested saving those details for the vendor going forward. You can accept the suggestion by clicking Done.

Prepaid amortization report improvement enables you to set up automated amortization schedules for your prepaid expenses. Now, when you export your prepaid amortization report, there is a column called “Outstanding Balance” that reports the remaining balance of the prepaid asset as of the posting date of the specific journal entry. This report enhancement should make it easier to reconcile accounts for specific months when you’re closing the books.

As always, please share your thoughts on these enhancements and what we should build next! Product Team

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