About Glean Product Updates May '24 🚀: Introducing Partial Payments

Rob Call
May 6, 2024

We're thrilled to announce some enhancements to the Glean payment experience. These enhancements are in beta and available on request. Reply to this email or reach out to support if you’re interested!

Partial Payments (Beta)

For customers in this Beta, when an invoice has a remaining balance due, will now mark that invoice as Partially Paid. Read on to learn more!

Invoice Table

  1. Rather than showing as Paid, partially paid invoices will show a new status: Partially Paid.
  2. You can filter for invoices that are Partially Paid.
  3. The remaining balance for the invoice will display under the invoice total.

Invoice View

  1. You can see the amount already paid on the invoice.
  2. The outstanding balance on the bill is also displayed.

Payment Experience

  1. When making a second payment for an invoice, will default the payment amount to the remaining balance. The second payment amount can not exceed the remaining balance.
  2. You can view the payment history for the invoice by clicking ‘View Payment Details’. This will open a tab listing all payments and credits applied on the invoice to date.


The following reports have been modified to incorporate partial payments:

  • Accounting Export Report: A Remaining Balance column has been added for each invoice listed in the report.
  • AP Aging Report: A Remaining Balance column has been added for each invoice listed in the report. The AP Aging report does not currently include invoices that are Paid or Partially Paid but it’s an improvement we aim to make in the future.
  • W-9 Report: Total Paid columns that describe how much was paid to each vendor will reflect all payments made.

Previous Invoices

For customers who opt in to the Beta, any invoice with an applied credit or payment made after Monday, April 15th will show a status of Partially Paid. All invoices paid previously will continue to display the Paid status.

International Invoices

At this time, the changes described above only apply to U.S. domestic invoices and payments. You can still make partial payments on international invoices, however, the payment status on those bills will continue to be ‘Paid,’ not ‘Partially Paid.’ We aim to improve this experience in the future.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Product Team

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